Royal Corps of Army Music Trust - Providing welfare and support to all serving and retired members of the Royal Corps of Army Music Trust and their dependents.

AMA Membership

Army Musicians Association Membership

To join the Army Musicians Association and to be in contact with veteran colleagues, and serving members of the corps, and to receive regular updates of AMA events, please fill in the form below.

The AMA is now a flourishing organisation in its fifth year with over 100 members.  The AMA exists to support the Army musician community, past and present, by maintaining ethos and family spirit and allowing members to keep in touch and come together at social events held throughout the year.

Please be aware that if you are already a member of the CAMUS Corps Trust you receive automatic AMA membership.

Membership Form – for Serving Members.

For more information regarding CAMUS Corps Trust please get in touch with the Chairman, Mr John Huggins:

Annual Subscription is £10.00. Membership runs from January to December each year.


If you would like to be part of the AMA community please fill in the form below:

AMA Membership Form

Musn C

Case Study - Musn C

Musn C was a Musician for 8 years when she got pregnant and decided to leave the Army to look after her child.  Unfortunately her husband, also a serving soldier was sent away on operations and on his return the relationship ended.  The CAMUS trust was able to assist with other service charities in providing financial help in rehoming the mother and child.

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