The Royal Corps of Army Music Trust - Providing welfare and support to all serving and retired members of the Royal Corps of Army Music Trust and their dependents.

The Royal Corps of Army Music Trust is a registered charity dating from 1999 and formed for the purposes of:

  • The promotion and wellbeing of serving and former Army musicians, including fostering esprit de corps and maintaining contact between past and present members through the Army Musicians Association.
  • The education of the history, traditions, customs and ethos of the Corps, including support to the Museum of Army Music.
  • Provide benevolence and support to members and their dependents.
  • The commemoration and remembrance of those who have served and lost their lives or suffered injury.

The charity is dedicated to support its members and their dependents and this is done through three main areas.  Firstly, this could be welfare grants, assisting members to accomplish their sporting aspirations and those of the Corps’ team chairmen and women, which could come in the form of direct grants for travel, membership or competition fees.  Our elite sports personnel in particular, benefit from this kind of support.  As well as providing funding for events, the objects of the trust allow supportive loans to individuals who may be purchasing their own musical instruments or furthering their music education.  The Ministry of Defence does not provide funding for regimental items, such as stable belts, tactical recognition flashes, regimental ties and other Corps specific items and this is the third area that the Trust will provide expenditure. This ensures that the items that display the ethos of the Corps are available to its members.

Income to the charity is derived predominantly from subscriptions and investments. Subscriptions are made through the Day’s Pay Giving Scheme, from serving members, and donations through bank standing orders from retired members and other donors.  The Trustees have also invested earmarked funds, which in turn yields a financial return to the Charity.

Funds also go to helping both serving and retired members during periods of hardship, need or distress and grants from the Charity are also used to add value to life in the Corps through adventurous training, social, heritage events and veteran events.

Benevolence and Welfare

As a grant making charity, The Royal Corps of Army Music Trust works closely with the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) who provide a link to numerous caseworkers around the UK.  Once a need has been identified the caseworker will approach the Trust and other charities too to provide a grant for those who are in situations of hardship, distress or need.  One benevolence request does not preclude others.

Assistance to Serving Members

For serving members who are in need, applications can be made directly to the Corps Secretary or by using the process outlined above.  The Grants Committee will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

Benevolence to Veterans

The Royal Corps of Army Music Trust will consider applications which are not supported by any of the service charities, but in all cases, those requiring assistance are advised to seek the support of a Caseworker, to ensure comprehensive support is given.  Disbursement is usually made to the referring organisation rather than directly to the individual.

Musn B

Case Study - Musician B

Musn B had joined RCAM in 2004 and was a member of the Trust.  The Musn’s spouse sadly died suddenly after a short illness and they needed to find funds for the funeral.  It was a difficult time for the Musn, but someone advised them to speak to their SSAFA Caseworker who in turn contacted the Trust and together, with the additional support from the RBL, were able to support the Musn and their family to plan the funeral they wanted for their spouse


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