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The Band of the Household Cavalry

The Performers

ConductorMajor Craig Bywater
PiccoloMusician Emily Moore
Flute 1Lance Corporal of Horse Rachel Taylor
Flute 2Lance Corporal Catherine Marshall
OboeLance Corporal of Horse Alison Swindles
BassoonLance Corporal of Horse Anthony Marshall
Clarinet 1Musician Cerys Stephens
Clarinet 1Lance Corporal Sally Bennett
Clarinet 1Staff Corporal Daniel Carter
Clarinet 1Staff Corporal Richard Stringfellow
Clarinet 2Corporal of Horse Lee Irvine
Clarinet 2Lance Corporal of Horse Tegan Moisenko
Clarinet 3Lance Corporal Rebecca Scully
Bass ClarinetLance Corporal Aled Wadkin
Alto Saxophone 1Corporal of Horse Anthony Kitchen
Alto Saxophone 2Lance Corporal Paul Lamstaes
Tenor SaxophoneCorporal of Horse Lawrence Wootten
Baritone SaxophoneLance Corporal Adam Smith
Horn 1Staff Corporal Annabel Lamb
Horn 2Lance Corporal Kendell Shakespeare
Cornet 1Staff Corporal Julian Sandford
Cornet 1Corporal of Horse Mike Sinclair
Cornet 1Lance Corporal of Horse Simon Hicks
Cornet 2Corporal of Horse Kate Sandford
Cornet 2Musician Seth Blackmore
Cornet 3Musician Ben Kinch
Cornet 3Musician Lucy Perring
Trombone 1Lance Corporal of Horse Matthew Wrighton
Trombone 2Corporal of Horse Chris Jackson
Bass TromboneMusician Dan Ballard
EuphoniumMusician Jamie Buchan
TubaCorporal of Horse Edward Sills
TubaLance Corporal of Horse Simon Hubbard
PercussionCorporal of Horse Richard Brown
PercussionLance Corporal of Horse James Ballantine
PercussionLance Corporal of Horse Chris Diggle
PercussionLance Corporal Dominic Buswell
HarpCorporal of Horse Kate Sandford
State TrumpetCorporal of Horse Mike Sinclair
State TrumpetCorporal of Horse Kate Sandford
State TrumpetCorporal of Horse Darren Witter
State TrumpetLance Corporal of Horse Simon Hicks

Photos from the Recording Session

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