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Case Studies

Musn C

Case Study - Musician C

Musician C was a Musician for 8 years when she got pregnant and decided to leave the Army to look after her child.  Unfortunately, her husband, also a serving soldier was sent away on operations and on his return the relationship ended.  The RCAM Trust was able to assist with other service charities in providing financial help in rehoming the mother and child.

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Musn B

Case Study - Musician B

Musn B had joined RCAM in 2004 and was a member of the Trust.  The Musn’s spouse sadly died suddenly after a short illness and they needed to find funds for the funeral.  It was a difficult time for the Musn, but someone advised them to speak to their SSAFA Caseworker who in turn contacted the Trust and together, with the additional support from the RBL, were able to support the Musn and their family to plan the funeral they wanted for their spouse


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RCAM Fundraising

Case Study - Musician A

Musician A joined the Army and during his service he served was posted on Operations in Kosovo and Iraq.  After serving for 22 years, he struggled with civilian life turning to alcohol and ending up in prison.  He was diagnosed with PTSD due to events that he saw during Operations.  The RCAM Trust alongside other service charities was able to provide financial assistance.

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Bdsm A

Case Study - Bdsm A

Bdsm A joined the Army prior to the formation of CAMUS and left in 2004. The Bdsm continued to pay into the one-day’s-pay scheme after the Corps’ formation in 1994.

After a recent divorce the Bdsm found that he needed start his life again in his new council flat and needed many essential items including a bed, bedding, table and chairs, a cooker, a fridge and a kettle. He contacted his SSAFA Caseworker who identified his former regiments and approached them for financial support to provide the list of items he needed. CAMUS and the soldier’s other former regiment worked with the RBL to provide all the items he needed to get his life back on track and get on with his life.

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